The WeSecur Plugin for WordPress

WeSecur has developed a plugin for all those who manage WordPress websites. It is designed specifically to protect and control the malware of your websites or those of your clients.

The plugin has a free version now available. The free version includes:

  • Daily website public side (HTML) malware scan: in the daily domain analysis we check in an analysis of the external part of your WordPress if there is a serious security problem.
  • Daily blacklist analysis: we check daily if your domain has been listed in a blacklist.
  • Analysis of the integrity of your WordPress files.
  • Protection against attacks by brute force.
  • Website security level: we indicate your websites’s risk of infection or attack.
  • Recommendations to protect and secure your WordPress.

Compatible with all our plans

If you buy any of our Essential, Plus or Premium plans, you can view the security results either in the WeSecur dashboard or directly in your WordPress dashboard.

The free version of our plugin is a first step in keeping malware under control, but we highly recommend you continuous security maintenance using any of our plans.

The WeSecur Plugin for WordPress was last modified: January 4th, 2019 by WeSecur