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About Us

We protect webs. That is our goal. We have designed all our services and plans to keep your website secure and free of malware.

Our story

WeSecur was born with the idea of ​​providing tools that help people protecting their business and their reputation. And if you need more help, we are here for you.
One of our clients told us ‘WeSecur is like going to the doctor’. And is that many customers come to us after being hacked or after having detected a serious problem on their website. At that moment the most important thing is to clean the site, and then, our main objective is to protect it so that it does not happen again either by showing you how or by doing it ourselves.

Who protects your website?

Our team is a group of passionate experts in website security. We are focused on find and solve any problem that occurs on your website and advise you on the best way to keep your website safe.
We have years of experience in the cybersecurity sector and WeSecur is our way of doing completely what we love, keep your webs safe and secure.
And we have already more than 1000 cleaned websites.

Where are we?

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