bitcoin and hackers

The website attack that kills the CPU of your users

If your users have noticed that their processor slows when they visit your site, it may have been infected by mining virtual currencies. In recent months infections related to cryptocurrencies have increased dangerously. Bitcoins, blockchain or monero, but how can you relate them with your users? How an attack that mines cryptocurrencies affects your users […]

How to Protect Your Site with Password

We have already discussed protection measures for your web as a WAF Firewall or two factor validation. In addition whatever your type of website, you can increase your security by protecting access by password. With this action you have control over who you want to access and to where. The process to protect your site […]

Prepare your business for new cybersecurity laws

More and more online businesses place security as a priority. Not just for your brand image. Nor do they do it solely because of the time lost trying to recover their web after an attack or infection. Many of them have begun to take action against the new laws of cybersecurity and data protection. And […]