The WeSecur Plugin for WordPress

WeSecur has developed a plugin for all those who manage WordPress websites. It is designed specifically to protect and control the malware of your websites or those of your clients. The plugin has a free version now available. The free version includes: Daily website public side (HTML) malware scan: in the daily domain analysis we […]

Protection for small websites

The security and protection of small websites

There is a myth that website security attackers target only well-known or websites with high traffic. False. Any site, and especially those that are small and considered less vulnerable, are exposed to attacks. Seo spam, cryptocurrencies, phishing, data theft and many others. It is important to remember that most attacks are automated.We do not face […]

Snipper on website

Why your website will be infected soon

Web attacks and infections are growing among SMEs, startups and blogs. The target of a cyber attackers is no longer just big companies. Any website, developed or not with WordPress, Joomla or any other content manager, can be infected. Not only is suffering from the infection. In several reports and studies it is revealed that […]

Protect your e-commerce at Christmas

It is one of the most critical moments of the year. Christmas and sales are usually an important part of the income of an e-commerce. And the attackers know they can get the most benefit. It is when your online store will receive more visits, more data and more credit cards. That is why it […]

bitcoin and hackers

The website attack that kills the CPU of your users

If your users have noticed that their processor slows when they visit your site, it may have been infected by mining virtual currencies. In recent months infections related to cryptocurrencies have increased dangerously. Bitcoins, blockchain or monero, but how can you relate them with your users? How an attack that mines cryptocurrencies affects your users […]