Does your website need a CDN?

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of servers distributed in different locations that store the content of your website in order to reduce the loading time. For example, if your e-commerce is hosted in Europe but you have Asian customers, it is a good idea to serve your content faster to your […]

Prepare your business for new cybersecurity laws

More and more online businesses place security as a priority. Not just for your brand image. Nor do they do it solely because of the time lost trying to recover their web after an attack or infection. Many of them have begun to take action against the new laws of cybersecurity and data protection. And […]


Two-Factor Validation to Secure your Website

One of our safety tips is two factor validation. The concept is simple. To access a to a website or system, there are two steps. Normally (in gmail and similar) the system makes use of a second authentication through the mobile. Once you enter the password you are sent to your mobile phone a code […]

A real example of phishing

We have already discussed how phising can damage your website, blog or e-commerce and your online reputation. We also gave you some tips as a user. But this time we go one step further. We teach you and help you detect step by step a real example of phising. Having a security maintenance in your […]

What Modern Phishing Works and How Can Kill You

The Internet has opened a new business platform. But not everyone that manages a website, blog or e-commerce is a technological expert. Specially not in cybersecurity. Usually, security is something that companies incorporate once they grow. Although, just a few companies have security among their priorities. Any business with an online presence can be a victim […]