10 Tips to Increase Your Revenue with a Secure Site

Usually  increasing income in your online business is directly related to sales actions. Improvement of products, specific content for your target, design campaigns for new markets and many others. But, what would happen if all that effort is seriously damaged by a warning in the browser saying ‘Unsafe Site’ or ‘Hacked Site’? Security is not just a […]

3 Security Tips for Marketing Managers

Google analytics and its data. Metrics that support marketing actions to approve budgets or to see if our strategies are working. If it sounds familiar to you, then you’re responsible for marketing or you’re taking that role too. So we make you a spoiler, website security goes with you too. Common tools like Google Analytics need security […]

secure customers websites

Secure Your Clients Websites from Malware and Attacks

75% of websites contain vulnerabilities according to symantec So, Why just a few think about the security of clients websites? If you develop websites, design blogs or e-commerce for a client, you have clear the important issues. However, interestingly, we will all agree that not often website security, malware removal or cleaning up process are not mentioned. Usually […]