Customer solutions

What is WeSecur for?

Securing your website or that of your clients increases your income. Is demonstrated. You save time and protect your reputation and your brand.

Customer Solutions

Web Developers

Design, code and maintain the websites of your clients. Concentrate on adding value and work with them so that the result is just what they expect.

Why let MALWARE steal your TIME?

With WeSecur you will be able to:

  • Focus on developing, not in cleaning your clients’ websites whether WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or Drupal
  • Centralize security management of all your websites
  • File Comparison: Infected vs. Clean. This way you can validate all actions in a controlled way
  • Manual recoveries and cleanings for critical and punctual cases

Web Agency

Increase customers. Branding, advertising and explain your work to help your customers to achieve their goals. Day-to-day tasks in an agency that have nothing to do with clean malware or recovering hacked websites

Why let the lack of SECURITY make you lose more CUSTOMERS?

With WeSecur you can:

  • Make a difference. Add security to your Web projects
  • Dedicate yourself to bring value to your clients in their online strategy, not to clean your customer sites and justify attacks and infections
  • Centralize the management of all the clients websites. Even if you have different plans for different customers
  • Save on hosting resources by preventing spam bots or attempt of attacks from reaching your customers’ websites
  • Volume discounts, interested? Ask us for a free quote


Every minute in your business is critical. Every minute they are users who can not lose their cart. Every minute with users who take a first impression of your e-commerce and trust is critical.

Why let the MALWARE and the attacks RUIN your business?

With WeSecur you will be able to:

    • Protect your brand from infections and attacks, avoid being blacklisted or Google security alerts
    • Take care of each of your purchases
    • Do not waste time searching and searching where the problem is
    • Save money by avoiding requests for spambots or hacking attempts that saturate your web through forms


All you want is more customers, users, followers. If your blog is important for you, because it is your brand and one of your sources of income, you must care about security.

Why lose your reputation for INFECTIONS in your BLOG?

With WeSecur you:

  • Do not lose followers and credibility
  • Take care of your image and your brand
  • Have a security maintenance that detects any security problem and helps you to fix it
  • Centralize management if you have more than one blog or affiliate page

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Plans & Services

If you want us to scan, DETECT and CLEAN your site continuously

If you want us to CLEAN malware and PROTECT your site from attacks continuously

If you want that we FIX and SECURE your site after a infection or hack attack