The best ally to keep your website free of malware

ESSENTIAL, the tool to secure your website easily

  • Detect and analyze malware on your website
  • Automatic malware cleanup
  • Edit the infected files to make any change
  • Monitor and check blacklists
  • Monitor website vulnerabilities, CMS, plugins and themes
  • Compatible with our free plugin

Malware cleaning with WeSecur

Website Security Scanner Services

Detection and malware cleanup

We continually scan your website for malware, viruses and backdoors.
In addition, our tool performs an automatic cleanup on your website. After each cleaning we point you out the cleaned code so you can validate it. Avoid that your hosting provider blocks your site.

Blacklist and vulnerabilities monitoring

We validate daily if your domain is blacklisted. Be the first to know it to take the necessary actions as soon as possible.
We also check daily the vulnerabilities of your website, theme, plugins and CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or Drupal. Remember that you can configure smart notifications to be notified when we detect any vulnerability that puts your website at risk.

Smart Notifications

The sooner you know about a problem on your website, the sooner you can fix it. Be the first to know if your website has been infected or if it is is at risk by configuring smart notifications. You will receive notifications of any infected file, blacklist warning or vulnerabilities on your website.

File editor and comparator

After cleaning your website, you can check the changes in the infected files. To do this properly, we show you both files, the original and the cleaned one. You can compare them, identify the removed malicious code, and edit the changes you consider to leave your website free of malware.

Keep your website free of malware

Website security maintenance tool

On demand Analysis

Essential on demand

  • 1 Complete malware analysis and automatic malware cleaning
  • 1 Blacklists and vulnerabilities analysis
  • Editor and file comparator
  • Basic or medium PHP level needed
  • No support
2.99 Single payment
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Continuous Analysis


  • Daily malware detection and automatic malware cleaning
  • Daily blacklist and vulnerability analysis
  • Editor and file comparator
  • Smart notifications
  • Support by ticket
  • Compatible with our free plugin
7.99 95.88 87.88 /Month /Year
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The security maintenance of your website has never been so easy

3Configure the scanner in 3 steps

4Ready! Scan and cleanup your website

To be able to enjoy all the functionalities, your website must use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestashop


  Why should I buy a plan as essential?
To do your website security maintenance easily. The modality 'on demand' is for those who think there's an infection and that want to do a complete scan of the website (not only the public part, but all the files on the site).
The monthly plan is an antivirus that analyzes your website daily and includes unlimited scanners.
  What is the difference with immediate help services, with a higher price?
Essential is a tool to help you identify and eliminate the malware yourself. There are no human actions included or analysis of the database. You will access to our malware, blacklists and vulnerabilities detection tool but all the actions are carried out by you.
You have two modalities, scanner on demand (a single payment and a single scanner) or the monthly plan that includes automatic daily analyzes and infinite scanners.
  Is it compatible with any type of website?
The websites made with WordPress and Joomla have all the features of the plan. All others have malware and blacklists are analyzed, but not vulnerabilities.
  I manage multiple websites, does this solution suit me?
Yes, you can manage all your websites in a dashboard if you want. In addition, from 10 websites we made volume discounts. Contact us for further details.

Do you need urgent help?

We cleanup your website ourselves in less than 24 hours