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Any doubt about our services & plans?

Do I need to migrate my site?

No. WeSecur complements your hosting without the need to migrate, it is compatible with any hoster where you have your website hosted. That’s why we provide where to find the data we need in the documentation section into the client area.

Is this a subscription service?

Yes, for plans. If you want stop the subscription just click ‘Cancel’ the plan in your customer area and wait to change the state after our validation. The plan is fully charged that month.

Services are not a subscription, they are single-pay products.

What do you need to clean my site?

To begin the analysis of the web need access to your server and associated files.

Access can be via: FTP, SFTP or SSH. FTP is File Transfer Protocol is SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol, Secure Shell and SSH is. They are the approaches that allow us logearnos servers to edit or delete files.

What we need is: Your site’s URL, FTP or SSH host, FTP or SSH username and FTP or SSH password.

How do I start the clean up process?

The first thing to do after registering the plan is to fill in the data of your website, the access, that we discussed in the previous question, and how you want the analysis to run. This is an action that you can choose to be AUTOMATIC or MANUAL.

The clean up process will start automatically after each scanner.

You can see the results of the cleanup process and upload cleaned files to your site.

In the case of the Recover Plan,

The first thing to do after registering the plan is to fill in the data of your website and the access that we discussed in the previous question. Once your data is validated, we will analyze and clean your website once.

We will ensure your website by eliminating vulnerabilities and taking corrective and preventive actions, but it is necessary that you carry out a maintenance of your website so as not to lose your guard.

Do you offer cleaning, disinfection and single-use recovery?

Yes, that’s the Recover plan.

Does a subdomain need plan?

Yes. Each plan is for one site and we consider a site a domain or subdomain. If you have 1 domain with 2 subdomains and you want to protect the 3 of them, you’d need 3 plans.

Can I change my plan?

Of course, contact us at support@wesecur.com explaining us the change you want to make.

Do you offer a volume disccount?

Yes, contact us filling the form for agencies and developers.

What should I do to cancel my plan?

Plans can be canceled through your user panel. You will see how changes the state of the plan. The plan is fully charged that month.

Do you make a backup of my website before cleaning?

Yes. It is a temporary backup for us and where we carry out cleaning to apply after the web into production.
In any case we will use this backup for customer use.

Can the cleaning process break my site?

It shouldn’t. In Essential and Premium plans we show the cleaned files to be reviewed for the customer to ensure the site’s integrity.

However in Fix and Secure, depending on the malware detected and its location, it may have some impact on the website. In these cases it is essential that you contact our support team support@wesecur.com.

Do your plans affect my site’s service?

No, we analyze your site in our servers. The only action that could affect your site is vulnerability analysis, and in that case you can switch from automatic analysis (although it always executes in less-activity time) to manual analysis. So you can analyze whenever you want.

Would you clean my site if it’s alresy infected?

Yes. In custom cleaning and fix and secure services we clean your site for you.

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