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Security questions? How to’s here

We’d like to help you on keeping your website clean and without hack attacks. In this section we show you how

How to Remove Blacklist de Google Alert

Have you ever find the red screen on your website? Here’s how to remove your domain from Google’s Blacklist to recover your site’s reputation

How to Clean your WordPress

This tutorial guides you step by step on cleaning up your WordPress website, blog or e-commerce using free tools or WeSecur’s plans

Working on new security tutorials

We are working on new tutorials to explain you how to clean up your website, blog or e-commerce to keep it free from malware and hackers.

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Our blog about security

In Wesecur’s blog you could learn about best practices for your website, blog or -ecommerce. Also you could read the latest news about web security and how will hackers and malware affect to your online business

Our Frequent Asked Questions

All the questions about our plans and services asked. How do the plans work, administration and billing or how we execute the clean up process on your website, blog or e-commerce WordPress or Joomla



 Malware that has the function of damaging a system or causing malfunction

SEO Spam 

Spam attack directed at the SEO of a site


Weak security points on a site that make easier hack attacks. There are different levels of vulnerability, from website code or plugins not updated to XSS


Files used to reinfect a system or retain access to it


They are lists that group emails, IP addresses or domains that have been denounced as generators of messages considered spam or insecure


Method to fraudulently defraud and obtain confidential information such as a password of the victim or users of a site

Plans & Services

If you want us to scan, DETECT and CLEAN your site continuously

If you want us to CLEAN malware and PROTECT your site from attacks continuously

If you want that we FIX and SECURE your site after a infection or hack attack