Urgent malware cleaning services

Do you have any of these problems?

  • You have received an email from your hosting provider warning you about an infection on your website
  • Your hosting provider has temporarily disabled your website
  • When you search for your web in Google the associated content refers to pharmaceutical products or porn in the results
  • Your site does not load or show error messages
  • When a user accesses your website you get a ‘malicious site’ warning from Google that has malware or phishing
  • The appearance of your site has been completely modified

Malware cleaning with WeSecur

Malware Cleaning: services for inmediate help

Complete infection cleanup

We safely remove all injections of malicious code in the file system and database of your website, restoring your site completely.
We also clean up possible backdoors to avoid reinfection. And if necessary we review and clean up the unwanted keywords and links that are injected into your website, to make it appear correctly again in the search engines.

Analysis of the source of the infection

We find the cause of the infection to clean it up and recommend you how to proceed so your site won’t be reinfected again. It’s essential not only cleaning up your site but also knowing the cause of the hacking. Fix the cause is the only way to avoid reinfections.

Complete report of the cleaning actions

We inform you about the status of the cleanliness of your website all the way. Once the process is done, we send you a full report on the cause of the infection and all the actions related to the cleaning of your website.


We check in how many blacklists is your domain after being hacked. We can also de-list your domain from all the blacklists by sending the requests to the antivirus companies once we have completely cleaned up your website.

Security maintenance recommendations

Maintenance is the key after cleaning and securing your website. If you want to prevent your website from being infected again, positioning problems or a negative impact on your brand reputation, it is essential that you pay attention to the personalized recommendations we make for your website.


We carry out all the necessary actions to secure and protect your website, as well as fix all vulnerabilities. The perfect set-up.

We fix your website

We clean any virus or malware

Basic cleaning

Custom Cleaning

  • Complete cleaning of the infection
  • Complete report of the cleaning actions carried out
  • Instructions to delist your blacklist domain
  • Security maintenance recommendations
59.99 Single payment
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Advanced cleaning

Fix and Secure Website

  • Complete cleaning of the infection
  • Complete report of the cleaning actions carried out
  • Delist your domain of all blacklists
  • Security maintenance recommendations
  • Protection and securing actions on your website

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We eliminate any virus in less than 24 hours

2We contact you to access to your website

3We clean you site and send you the report

4We keep your site 72h in observation

Work guaranteed for 30 days from service only if post-service recommendations are followed. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm CET. Service for orders placed after hours, on weekends, and on holidays will begin on the next business day.


  Will you remove the malware completely?
We always remove all the malware. We provide a one month guarantee provided you have carried out the actions included in the final report.
  Will I be able to forget the malware after your cleaning?
It is not about forgetting, but about taking care of the safety of your website. If you apply all the actions recommended in the report and do a continuous maintenance of adequate security, you will live much calmer.
  All the websites of my server have been infected, is there a volume discount?
Yes, from 5 websites we discount in any of the two services. Contact us for further details.

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