FIX AND SECURE: web recover after hack attack

Fix & Secure

Just this time, we fix your web

We Clean Up Everything

We clean up malware and viruses on your website and remove your domain from any blacklist

Protect starting now

We analyze vulnerabilities and backdoors to perform all the actions that will protect your website from hacker attacks

Recommended actions

 You could check implemented actions in this unique action in a report on the dashboard and recommendations for your site’s security maintenance

What does the Fix & Secure service include?

Complete cleaning of infection

Analysis of the source of infection

Complete analysis and cleaning of the Database

Deslist your domain from all blacklists

Complete malware and backdoors cleaning

Web recovery and sanitation

Comprehensive diagnostic report and actions taken

Protection and securization actions on your web, CMS, theme, plugins and core

Security recommendations to prevent reinfection

Do you want us to RECOVER your site?

Recover and Protect your Site after Attack or Hack

How does RECOVER work?

The plan RECOVER fix the maximum on your site after being infected or attacked. It includes to analyze and clean malware, remove from blacklists and implement actions to secure your website.
The process is very SIMPLE:


Purchase the plan or service you want us to do: securize and restore or a unique customized malware cleaning


We contact you to start the process on your site or your customers sites


We inform you about every step and we send you the final report with all the actions we have done and the recommendations for a security maintenance on your site or your customers site

Questions? Answers.

What do you need to analyze or clean my website?

To begin the analysis of the web need access to your server and associated files.

Access can be via: FTP, SFTP or SSH. FTP is File Transfer Protocol is SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol, Secure Shell and SSH is. They are the approaches that allow us logearnos servers to edit or delete files.

What we need is: Your site’s URL, FTP or SSH host, FTP or SSH username and FTP or SSH password.

Do you make a backup of my web before cleaning?

Yes. It is a temporary backup for us and where we carry out cleaning to apply after the web into production.

In any case we will use this backup for customer use.

How do I start the clean up process?

In the case of the Recover Plan,

We contact you after you have purchased the plan. Once your data is validated, we will analyze and clean your website once.

We will ensure your website by eliminating vulnerabilities and taking corrective and preventive actions, but it is necessary that you carry out a maintenance of your website so as not to lose your guard.

In the Recover service do you always recover my entire website?

We would love to, and our goal is to eliminate any content resulting from the attack but it is important to note that:

  • You must have a backup of your web in order to leave the web as it was. WeSecur is not responsible for this point.
  • You don’t have a backup but your site has been only infected.
  • In case of having suffered an attack where files have been deleted, only in case of having a dedicated hosting (VPS, or dedicated server is physical or virtual) WeSecur will try to recover the files but the recovery is not guaranteed.

Can the cleaning process break my site?

It shouldn’t, however depending on the malware detected and its location may have some impact on the web. In these cases it is essential that you contact our support team

Is there any service that ONLY cleans my site ONCE?

Yes, if you just one a manual and custom cleaning but you DON’T want securing or vulnerability report, we have CUSTOM CLEANING service for you.

Plans & Services


If you want us to scan, DETECT and CLEAN your site continuously


If you want us to CLEAN malware and PROTECT your site from attacks continuously


If you want that we FIX and SECURE your site after a infection or hack attack


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