PLUS plan: protect your site from attacks

Protect your Site from Attacks

Virus & Spambots

Block any infection or hacker

Protect your web from SQL code injections, scripts attacks and cross webs, spambots and much more

Protect any web

WeSecur firewall service protects any type of web: custom-made, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestahop or any CMS

Improve your Web performance

Blocking malicious requests will improve the performance of your website making a much more efficient use of resources by only meeting requests from your users

An effective shield against automated attacks and spambots

You want to protect your website front attacks

You want to save money and  use efficiently resources on your website

You want to block all attacks and spambots that make malicious requests to your website

You are looking for extra protection since your website has vulnerabilities that you can not solve

You do not have time to properly maintain your website and you are looking for a way to protect it

What is the process to Protect my Website?


The first thing is to buy the service and configure the DNS, we will help you if necessary.


The process of protecting your website begins

See the results

We show you the results in the control panel. You can rest easy while blocking any malicious attempt to your website.

What does the WeSecur firewall PROTECT you?

DDoS attack mitigation

Spambots y Hackers

Prevention of Brute Force attacks

Zero Day Attacks

Do you want to PROTECT your site NOW?

Questions? Answers

Do you offer any volume discounts?

Yes, contact us through the form for agencies and developers.

What do you need to protect my website?

To start protecting your website you should only configure the DNS properly

How can I see what the Firewall is protecting me from?

After registering and configuring the DNS, you can access the user panel and see the result of the activity of the firewall: blocked attempts, spambots, etc.

Plans and Services

If you want a scanner to ANALYZE your site and CLEAN Malware and Backdoors continuously

If you want to CLEAN your website continuously and PROTECT it from attacks, bots and hackers

If you want us to RECOVER and FIX your website after being attacked or hacked